Hello Again!

Thank you for visiting our page!  The Neko Sisters (Mikayo, Megumi, and Andrea) are back and have a lot of exciting news.  We will soon launch our new web-based store, and we are looking for a brick-and-mortar location in Cheshire, CT where we live.  I recently returned from a trip to Japan (see my FB or blog for details!) and have lots to share.

Love, Megumi

Japan bound

We are excitedly preparing for our trip to Japan!  Mom and I (Megumi) plan to blog from Tokyo and Kyoto if possible.  It has been about twelve years since we were there, and I am looking forward to seeing what has changed and what has stayed the same.  There is such an interesting intersection of respect for the past and charging into the future there.  It will be great to see our cousins and aunts, and I think a little sad because my dad is no longer with us.  But we are sure to have some funny and interesting stories to share with you!  And we will also be looking out for new paper, fabric and craft ideas, of course!

promo_ origami in processWho knows what will be in the next collage pack? 🙂


We are back!  After a long time with family commitments, work, etc. I think we can finally spend some time on our little store.  I have been feeling very crafty lately, so I’m glad that we’re going to Create NJ next week!  I am taking a few classes, and we will be at the Artists Fair, which is always fun.  We have a lot of new things to share! – Megumi

love letters


mixed media collage (watercolor paper, watercolor, origami paper, washi tape and air mail envelope, glue)

Megumi and I always poked a little fun at mom for her frequent  “revive the lost art of letter writing” reminder but I have to say that she was right (as usual).  I have come to realize that the simple act of writing and receiving real letters with my loved ones is just about one of the best things in life.  Last year I decided to quit my facebook account and instead use my time to write more letters. It’s been nice for me and somehow feels like more genuine of an interaction, even if it’s slower and often one sided. The trade offs for me have really been worth it. What I’ve lost in immediacy and volume of information, I’ve gained in intimacy and quality.  I can more easily be my true self with a letter to someone specific rather than the general face to the internet/world that social media entails. I think that the addictive part of my personality was too wrapped up in constantly checking the latest thing on my feed to pay attention to the here and now in the real world.  It’s also a wonderful excuse to use the archive of stationary that I’ve amassed over the years. I truly enjoy choosing the paper and pen colors, and stickers or washi tape or whatever to make it fun and personal to my mood or who I’m writing to. Sometimes I put in a little origami or a photo for fun.  We’ve been stuck at home a lot because of snow so last weekend instead of buying valentines this year I made them (ok, only 3 but they were really super awesome). I had a lot of fun and they came out perfect for each person, including cheesy poetry and valentine wishes.  It’s silly but I was proud that I made something better than a store bought card with stuff I just had in my craft supplies.  I still have letters that my grandma wrote to me and my favorite is a book she made using cut out words and phrases from magazines. It’s really funny and sweet and I will always cherish it and the memories I have of her. I’m doing my best to continue the tradition and keep those love letters going to my loved ones. They really are special moments we can share over and over together.



From Mom

I am on my way home from the show we did in Charlotte and my head is full of ideas for new things to create – and the names of new people we met that we want to stay in touch with. And guess what? I am finding that creativity does not diminish with age. Probably most of you already knew that, but I just realized that all the experiences, skills, and knowledge I have acquired over the last few decades are still somewhere inside of my head and heart and have been waiting to bubble out in new ways.

Retirement is good. I needed a couple of years to regroup: get settled in my new digs, take care of baby Lloyd, get my knees replaced, and get my studio set up. Now I am raring to go. I can’t wait to pick up my Japanese calligraphy brushes, try some new jewelry-making skills I just learned, and who-knows-what-else. Much of this energy will go towards our NekoSisters enterprise, which has been so much fun. But also, I must warn friends and family that you may be getting some interesting “creative” gifts from me in the future…

And by next time, I promise to have figured out how to post pictures on this thing.

We love Charlotte!


Zoe, Mom and I had an amazing time at StitchCraftCreate in Charlotte NC this weekend. Not only was it my birthday, but we met the most incredible group of women, both in art journaling classes (me) and as vendors (all of us). Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth to chat and buy!

We connected with other vendors in our little corner of the cavernous Charlotte Convention Center, and after a few days we felt like family… I have some great links to share with you!


Carolyn and Lydia from z becky brown, the coolest pocketbook invention ever.



Megumi and Mika enjoyed setting up our table last night, while Andrea (aka Grandma) dined on sushi and edamame with Mika’s son Lloyd. We are delighted to be directly behind an amazing display of art kimonos created by a local group of artists. We were so excited to see the beautiful creations and happy to be presenting our goods nearby.

mika and megu setting up table

Megumi and Andrea are at the Art Trunk from 9 – 2 pm TODAY at the Stamford Sheraton. Come on down and check out our fun stuff!

Megumi and Andrea are at the Art Trunk from 9 - 2 pm TODAY at the Stamford Sheraton. Come on down and check out our fun stuff!

confessions of a sanrio addict

hk collage pack fronthk collage pack backhk collage pack priceWe made a group business decision to NOT sell kawaii (cute culture) items from the Neko Sisters.  I was in total agreement with my mom and sister on that decision. However, I am unable to control myself when it comes to Hello Kitty. She and I have been friends for her entire life (she was “born” in 1976) and most of mine too since I am only a few years older than she is. So I created a “renegade” collage pack on my own, just in case there are others out there like me.  This is not going to be an item on the Etsy store, and it won’t be displayed on the table at the fairs – the fellow addicted customer is going to have to ask for Hello Kitty or Sanrio items in stock. Then to their delight and wonder this amazing collage pack of only available in Japan items (a big deal if you are a collector like I am) will appear! I can’t wait to find out if anybody asks, maybe I will make a new friend and we can start a “Hello Kitty Anonymous” support group!

~ mika

origami: happy flow

promo_ origami in process

Lately a list of habits of happy people has been circulating on my Facebook feed. When I read the article, I discovered another reason that origami makes me happy: flow. It said that happy people habitually do “flow state” activities. Time spent when you are able to fully concentrate on a task can foster happiness in your life (or single-minded immersion = a happier person).  My son is a zen master at this and I am trying to learn from him! When I do origami, it is so easy for me to get lost in the various activities of choosing the paper, folding, deciphering a new model’s instructions or challenging myself to remember how to make something again from memory.  Sometimes I think about people and my memories with them. The shape of a model, pattern or color of a piece of paper reminds me of some person or place. I love to hold and feel the paper and see what I can create. I also now know another reason to make time for origami in my busy life, to increase flow!

happy happy folding ~ mika