From Mom

I am on my way home from the show we did in Charlotte and my head is full of ideas for new things to create – and the names of new people we met that we want to stay in touch with. And guess what? I am finding that creativity does not diminish with age. Probably most of you already knew that, but I just realized that all the experiences, skills, and knowledge I have acquired over the last few decades are still somewhere inside of my head and heart and have been waiting to bubble out in new ways.

Retirement is good. I needed a couple of years to regroup: get settled in my new digs, take care of baby Lloyd, get my knees replaced, and get my studio set up. Now I am raring to go. I can’t wait to pick up my Japanese calligraphy brushes, try some new jewelry-making skills I just learned, and who-knows-what-else. Much of this energy will go towards our NekoSisters enterprise, which has been so much fun. But also, I must warn friends and family that you may be getting some interesting “creative” gifts from me in the future…

And by next time, I promise to have figured out how to post pictures on this thing.

3 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Are you going to slip in a little Norske with all this Japanese stuff.


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    Life is Fragile, Handle with Prayer.


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