origami: happy flow

promo_ origami in process

Lately a list of habits of happy people has been circulating on my Facebook feed. When I read the article, I discovered another reason that origami makes me happy: flow. It said that happy people habitually do “flow state” activities. Time spent when you are able to fully concentrate on a task can foster happiness in your life (or single-minded immersion = a happier person).  My son is a zen master at this and I am trying to learn from him! When I do origami, it is so easy for me to get lost in the various activities of choosing the paper, folding, deciphering a new model’s instructions or challenging myself to remember how to make something again from memory.  Sometimes I think about people and my memories with them. The shape of a model, pattern or color of a piece of paper reminds me of some person or place. I love to hold and feel the paper and see what I can create. I also now know another reason to make time for origami in my busy life, to increase flow!

happy happy folding ~ mika

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